Ein Investmentmakler ist ein versierter Vermittlungsberater im Immobilien-Anlagebereich und versteht die Denkweise der Investoren und Eigentümer. Er betreut zahlreiche institutionelle Anleger, Familyoffices sowie Privatinvestoren. Neben den klassischen Mehrfamilienhäusern werden auch aussergewöhnliche Investitionsobjekte wie große Bauprojekte, Shoppingcenter, Logistikimmobilien, Bürohochhäuser, Hotelanlagen sowie eine Vielzahl weiterer Objekte betreut. Ob Käufer- oder Verkäufer, der Investmentmakler übernimmt die vollständige operative Vermittlungsarbeit und sorgt für eine professionelle und beratungsintensive Abwicklung.

Whoever deals with real estate investments should know their advantages and disadvantages compared to other forms of investment and know how to deal with them.

  • Real estate offers a real asset value and is tangible
  • The real estate market is not a fad, because people always need an apartment
  • Real estate can be borrowed at a high percentage, investors can leverage their investment (leverage effect)
  • Real estate offers real tax advantages
  • The actors know the persons involved personally
  • The business operations of real estate can be fully monitored and managed
  • Preparing operating cost accounts
  • Monitor incoming payments
  • Discuss with tenants
  • To clean the cellar
  • instruct the caretaker
  • New letting
  • carry out repairs and look after new fire extinguishers
  • Follow current tenancy law
  • Corresponding with trade unions
  • etc.
  • Define strategy and direction
  • Clarify bank financing and finances
  • Perform extensive calculation
  • Engage adequate and proven service providers
  • Perform controlling

Before the purchase or construction of a property, the location (micro-, meso-, macro-location) must first be subjected to a critical examination. This should be checked for stability, strength, population growth and dynamics and from this a long-term view of the respective market environment should be developed. The location is a very important indicator and quality criterion in the evaluation of a location and has a lasting effect on the profit of the investment.

  • Central importance of the city/region
  • Number of inhabitants and their development
  • Age structure
  • Labor market situation
  • Purchasing power and purchasing power flows
  • Infrastructure - traffic connection
  • Planned projects (e.g. development of a residential area or university)

Unter anderem spielt die Intensität, mit der sich Angebot und Nachfrage auf dem Immobilienmarkt entfaltet, ist naturgemäß ein Ergebnis der allgemeinen Wirtschaftsentwicklung, vor allem der Entwicklung des Einkommens, des auf dem Marktraum entfallenden Inlandsproduktes und der Geldwertstabilität. Viele Teilmärkte des Immobilienmarktes sind stark „konjukturanfällig“.

In addition, the available or producible soil stock, as well as the natural population development, migration and the resulting demand units are relevant.

Before the sale begins, you need various documents and documents, for example to be able to prepare an exposé. These include, for example:

  • Wide angle photos
  • Current extract from the land register
  • Tenant list
  • Business plan
  • Energy certification
  • Prepared floor plans
  • Declaration of division
  • Minutes of the owner meetings (for condominiums)
  • Building description
  • Current site plan / land map

Your finished report is based on a daily analysis of the direct environment of your property. The values ​​consist of the offers published in the well-known real estate portals over the past three years and a mathematically calculated sales price.